ode to an E

i knew it was coming
i've been preparing myself
but it always comes suddenly


time takes us all

stress plays a big part
so does the oxidation
that defines life

the subattomic bonds
(everything happens at a subatomic level)
that always held things together
were not longer equal
to the forces that want to tear them apart

without warning
it was just gone
not with the sound of a thunder clap
not during a climaxtic bend
at the end of a solo

nothing so grandiose

this morning
as I changed tuning
from open G
back to standard
concert pitch

my high e string broke


Matt23 said…
Better to snap the E than loose your G ;-)
Callante Craig said…
I know you can still fix it... nice guitar anyway :)
Restaurant Booths
Neil Griffith said…
ahhh you get that - even on the big jobs

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