more books of cool little bits

I was looking for a topic at the local library the other day
and stumbled across this book

little bits
from biographies (Miles Davis, Art Pepper, etc)
(neither of which can be found in whole at the local library...hmmm)
really great stuff

So far I am making a list and it looks like this one book
will begat dozens of books that I really want to read
I love it when that happens

There are a couple of new ones from Gary Snyder that have been good too


tuskedbeast said…
Warning: "Straight Life" is both excellent and maddening- watching him fall off the wagon again and again and again....

pranaglider said…
The except in this book talks about his first time. It didn't seem like it was going to be happy ending.
tuskedbeast said…
Sorry if I gave anything away- great book, and really adds to listening

I love jazz bios. Ever read Beneath the Underdog?

Buck Clayton's was good too. Funny bit: 1970s. Aged Buck was on the edge of death in his hospital bed... and heard the music of angels, speaking through the ward nurse's radio...calling him to heaven... "come on, come on". But he recovered. Obsessed with finding the tune, he finally tracked it down- Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldar.
pranaglider said…
Tuskie, thanks for the book tip! I just put "Beneath the Underdog" on hold. I'll have to hunt up Clayton's too.

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