Cold and Clear

and just about as flat as it gets

(never entirely true and always about to change)

These winter so cal days are why it's necessary to have something else

to do

that doesn't directly revolve around surfing

The garden is a must but it being winter

there is nothing so sad as winter greens with frostbite...

Then there is some sort of daily exercise and meditation

Yoga for instance

and that is a requirement for anyone walking around on the planet

hmm, my editor has just notified me that not all of the 23B readers are

A - walking around


B - on this planet

so scratch that last bit

and by the way I would like to welcome our new interplanetary overlords to 23B...

so to summarize

it's cold

it's socal so it's not that cold (76 is the high today (sorry right coasters...))

it's flat but not for long

aliens are coming or are already here ...

Go out and enjoy the day


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