/*23 Breaths: just right*/

Monday, December 8, 2014

just right

It was a fine day
Bloomingdales had a sale
all seasonal good 23 percent off
I know this because they sent me an email
several in fact

but I chose to spend some time near the water
Fall is my favorite time of year
but it's also a time of high water
and massive tide swings

Mornings can be so high tide
that any swell is completely shut down
the Pacific ocean looks, well Peacefull...

But by the late afternoon
the tide will be beyond out
revealing several dozen yards of  a flat sandy shelf
with waves breaking out at what appears to be the horizon...

You have to strive for the middle way
like the Goldilocks fable
not too much west in the swell
not too much tide

but just right

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