Cyber Monday - please add to cart

December 1
80 degrees and sunny
Old man winter
wears shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops...

Humanity is slowly caving under an tidal wave of emails
enticements for buying more
At the Not-Thanksgiving-Any-More, Black-Friday, Cyber-Monday sale

Everything at fire sale prices amazingly similar to

My advice,
(oh here we go...)
is that you turn off all of your
and step outside
remember back
to a time when holiday magic
was just that
instead of a growing debt
to be paid back in monthly installments
after adding an 18 percent change

take a walk
maybe somewhere with trees
but a nice beach will do
try and remember the magic
of those old holidays
presents under the tree


but maybe it was just
a feeling
a slight pause
before life
began to rush by


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