Hobo Car wash* Friday!

It's raining
in July.

Well it has stopped raining actually,
just a brief shower really
but it's July
and where as
a shower
in July
is not entirely unheard of
it's is
or should be
in this neck
of the woods
here on the edge of the desert
but these days it's not.

The weather has changed

so much
that I am tempted
to give up the whole
prediction business
and just watch
the weather man stand
in front of the green screen
and tell me what the temperature is
right now.

Instead of just
to pay attention

*Hobo car wash - def. - NOT an actual car wash but merely wiping the water off a car after being caught in a sudden brief rain. Usually popular amoungst obsessive personalities where having having dust or water drops on ones car would be unacceptable.


joe green blue said…
bruce i'll be using that term from now on.great
Padhma` said…
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