Another contest another riot

I didn't go down to the circus this year.

(I wasn't planning on doing a post about it either)

I did watch a bit of the live footage

The usual mid summer surf in HB.

I have watched considerably more of the youtube footage of the "riot" afterwards.

A couple of thoughts...

Before the Action Sports Retailers and general surf media come out and condemn the crowd,

take a good look at the kids in the videos.

This is your prime audience.

Young, board shorts wearing, sporting sic 40 dollar t-shirts, this week's trendy 150 dollar sun glasses, bitchin tats, 50 dollar flip flops, with a Red Bull action drink (it gives you wings) in one hand and a smart phone in the other to catch all the action.

This is the image you sell and what today's youths buy.

So as you surf executives sit around and discuss yesterdays events, probably about what the increase in next years insurance premiums and the sky rocketing fees the City of Huntington Beach will change is going to do to the third quarter profits next year.

Remember these are your customers.

They don't live here, they certainly don't surf here but you create this honey pot of what you think is youth culture (it's not) so you can sell them your products.

They aren't the most discerning group are they?

Remember the hullabaloo over the softcore porn video last week?

I know it was last week, but try to remember, you know the video (and some very funny parodies) got thousands of hits, you remember it was very good for business.

Well it seems that the image you sell, the SoCal surfer brand (no matter that few of your customers actually surf) is still really stuck on the surfer dude spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Well dudes that was the 80's and while it does serve to sell TShirts and board shorts every summer it has become a parody of itself.

You could take some of the profits from the 40 dollar tshirts and 50 dollar board shorts and  reinvest it in a reshaping of the image.

A little more substance a little less flash.

More Duke and less dude if you will.

There have been numerous water men and water women who would make outstanding role models.

I know this has a snowballs chance in hell of coming about but I have to say it.


Henry Hester said…
I could see it coming.
Neil Griffith said…
Awesome read. I wasn't there (obviously) but I wonder about the inflammatory connotations of the word "riot" used in the media.
PS your pic of the porta potty made me smile as I just posted a nostalgia piece on our first non-flushing toilet when I was a kid BEFORE I saw your post. Spooky.
PG said…
As I watched it unfold on the media, all I could do is wonder what Pranaglider was going to say!

I was not disappointed...
I didnt even attempt going down this year..I saw this coming..this US Open had a darker feel to me..AND they took a lot of stuff out this year.. like Fig not announcing..My friends usually do the board repair..but they wanted them to do it for FREE this year.. last year my friend was paid an amount that is a joke..and my other friend did it the previous years with the same amount of pay. Also i dont think Machado was there..and I love watching him surf.

I think they catered this more to kids like the warp tour and NOT to surfers ..who come in all ages, shapes and sizes.. I say they get rid of the free concerts..cater it more to surfing and the real surfing community and make it into a sporting event.. not a free for all anything goes.. that its been the last couple of years. NO other US Open is like this. Its become a joke..
I went Last couple years..and last year was my favorite..but this year had NO desire to go..NOT one!

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