Something more fin like

Talking about the short board revolution with a friend on the internet the other day

Around the same time this video below seems to be posted everywhere

cutting the boards down from 9'6" to 6'9" was the easy part.

Getting the rocker and rails right took a bit longer.

Check out how flat MP's boards are in the video.

He was an amazing talent

Fortunately cutting the fins down from D shapes to something more, well fin like really helped.

Lots of folks still enjoy the glide of a long board and I will admit there are days where they are the best tool for the job.

I am still quite happy with my little bag of air and some flippers.

Foto from the last Stokefest
  I gave my wife the camera and asked her to take some random pictures of the craft and the crowd on the beach etc.
she asked if I wanted any pictures of myself. 
I thought about it and before turning to get in the water said,  
"but remember to get my good side" 


Robin Thomson said…
Surprising how well those that love us know us!
Neil Griffith said…
MP was quite the revolutionary in these parts. And remember he shaped his own boards. And no leggies (leashes) back then.
"Flippers" that's what we called them until everyone started calling them fins. I thought fins were things on surfboards.
pranaglider said…
Robin - so true

Neil - MP was and will always be legend. Interesting point about being an innovative surfer/shaper. When things are changing and you are headed into new territory you sort of have to shape it yourself.

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