A Journey to the handplane forrest

once upon a time
in a land not so far away

the water people gathered
to feast on the waves
of spring

They rode all manner of craft
and with so many choices

they told stories about a magic land
and dreamed 

about taking a trip
to the fabled
handplane forrest

Now, some people didn't believe there
was such a magical place

where handplanes and paipos grew right out of the ground!

and you could just bend down and pick one up

heck, sometimes you didn't even need to bend down!

some came with writing and images

some came with warnings

some looked like fish

some looked like

after listening to the stories

a group headed off to the handplane forrest.

on their way

they encountered many

magical things

strange  beasts

and of course


Who turned out to be very nice indeed

and just wanted to warn our travelers about


and they all lived happy ever after.

** warning **
Reading this story to your kids as a bedtime story
may result in 
you spending time 
in the garage
making them a handplane


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