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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best Surf Cars Ever?

VW bug

Everyones favorite car from back in the day!
Add a set of Aloha racks you can take 4 buddies and their long board to Trestles for the glass off
*Historical Fact - the trip to Trestles is financed by cashing in pop bottles

VW Bus

see VW Bug above and add more buddies or subtract the buddies and take your girlfriend, configurable for short or extended surf trips

Mini Truck

You can't bring a crowd - (big plus these days)
plus you have plenty of room for whatever.
If you add a shell you have security and a motel room!
This still has good gas mileage


Given the world wide economy, gas prices and my personal employment situation...

I would add a rack for my mat, fins and wetsuit

So let me know what is or was your best surf car ever?

Added plus video

This seems to be Gerry Lopez diving into a river to body surf a river wave with a hand plane


Jamie Watson said...

Fun post! My best surf car ever was a '92 Range Rover that I got for cheap down in SLO. My 8' fit perfectly in there, but there was always wax on the passenger headrest. I slept in it too, when I took a couple of trips to La Jolla. I miss that car. I couldn't recommend it though, too expensive to fix. (-:

Jamie. or Dudley Alouysius Perkins III for short said...

Lopez is a freak! That's the craziest shiz i've ever seen...

Surfsister said...

I hated my Subaru station wagon when I traded in my WRX (after having a kid). However, I could get my kid in there and a bunch of boards . . . and groceries. It's been perfect and perfectly boring.

Beetlejuice said...

"Mega Dittos" on the Subaru Wagon! F the VW's except for sentimental value! broken clutch cables, accelerator cables, blown motors, dead starters,push starting them,etc.,etc

pranaglider said...

Thanks to everyone that share their stories.

The old VW's did have their Charm.

(After a while you get to know how to do a oil change and valve adjustment though)

For a while my "surfcar" has been a Camry.

Perhaps it isn't the best surfcar but for everything else I do they have been a good car.

Just another beauty of the mat my friends!

I get a lot of joy from just showing up with my mat and fins.

It's so easy.

My verification word was "obbillom"

Anonymous said...

The BEST EVER car HAS got to be a TOYOTA STARLET SOPRTIF...HANDS DOWN!!! a little pocket rocket gets you from A-B in doubble quick time, 110mph (down hill) with a weeks camping gear in the back and a 7foot board straped on top.
Love going from London to Newquay. very comfy and a pleasure to drive. (must ad that u may want to take out break down cover)
Karl W-H

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that I love my Turbo charged 7.3 liter diesel F-350.
you can pile in your hole quiver and drive down any logging road and park right on the beach. That is right, I don't live in Cali. Viva Pac NW!!!!