/*23 Breaths: An Active weather pattern*/

Monday, February 16, 2009

An Active weather pattern

that's what they call it.

For me

it means the rainy season has started

such as it is here in socal.

This means the High pressure that hangs over us and deflects any Lows heading our way has moved east and not been replaced by another one.

This lets storms drop down the coast before heading east,

the storm fetch has a chance to point at us for awhile,

but the rain and wind reaches us about the same time as the waves.

so you travel or you try to catch little slices

before the storm winds hit

or after

or during if it turns off shore for any length of time

(it usually doesn't)

So lately I haven't been getting in the water too much

Only a few times since the flat spell ended

On the mat you are really in the water

lately there is less ocean water in the wave

and more polluted run off

that just isn't water that I want to be in.

not so fresh

But things change and we'll see what the future brings

Incredible art work by John Severson

On a rainy Monday

you could do worse

than spending your time reading

Ken McKnight's writings

(There are two new permanent links on the right to take you to allaboutsurf.com)

Bad Haiku Monday

storms spawned

in the north pacific

headed our way

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Anonymous said...

Winds will be mostly light and variable through the morning