Why do I ride an air mattress?

I'll let George tell you...

I can only add that I have taken my stand up surfing about as far as I was going to. I enjoy stand up and have no intension of getting rid of the quiver.

Also I certainly don't mean to say that there is no room for improvement,
but that I am going to stand up surf about the same 10 years from now as I did 5 years ago.

Senility not withstanding.

So riding mats is a whole new deal for me.

I'm a grom again.

There are ten new things I really want to try on a mat.

If I can only get the locals to stop cutting off the guy on the pool toy...


ras said…
hey prana

just watched a few of these clips here. sometimes it looks like there is a lot of bouninge around on the matt. reminds asthe clip of fearless fanny on style masters. does it feel as bumpy as it looks?
23 Breaths said…
ras - I usually don't look back at a wave and think "that was a bumpy one" but I am sure some of them are. The air is the mat serves as a shock absorber I guess. I know it does take out the normal wind chop on the water. My focus is usually not on myself but what the wave is doing and what I need to do in relation. That and how fast it seems you are traveling.

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