Mat Lust Unchained

Dale makes a few different kinds of mats.

He provides a description of their features here at Surfmatz

I have summarized two of the descriptions below.

The 200/70 Advanced design has a wide operating range of waves and surface conditions w/ emphasis on hollower, smoother, more powerful walls. Two conventional inner/mid chambers w/ two bisected, wider outer chambers. Usually 200 denier top/70 denier bottom.

The Contrail design (formerly Flatliner) has a very wide operating range of waves and surface conditions. Usually 200 denier top/ 70 denier bottom, sometimes the lighter 70/70 denier. One conventional inner/mid chamber w/ two bisected, wider outer chambers.

I am the proud owner of a 200/70 Advanced Designed that I bought second hand.

Somethings are meant to be.

I have ridden this mat and almost completed ignored a modest quiver of surfboards.

I have ridden this mat and been reduced on the surfing hierarchy to even lower than boogie boarders and newbs (I have a great admiration for both groups btw).

I have ridden this mat in so much sandy shore break that I have worn the traction material (Vulkem) smooth.

But unless my wife and friends stage an intervention and there is a national accredited 12 step program that accepts my insurance it looks like it's me and the mat from this point on.

Having said that (feel free to roll your eyes at this point) I have begun to develop some serious mat lust for one of Dale's Contrail designs.

Although they are similar in design I think the "one conventional inner/mid chamber" in the Contrail versus the two mid chambers in the Advanced design would give the rider more of a V hull to work with. I believe this would allow for a mat that is even faster on steeper conditions. Sounds like fun...


Brian McKie said…
I too have "Mat Lust". I have a Contrail on order with Dale that I am really looking forward to riding. In the meantime the 4GF I bought from Paul has been amazing. I have sold all my surfboards, now that I have had the mat. Luckily Dale has a big back log otherwise I maybe tempted to try all his designs :-)
23 Breaths said…
I predict that one day mats will be required to come with warning labels.

WARNING - You may have so much fun on this device that you will forsake all other surfing vehicles!

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