Having survived the holiday

I slowly open the door of my subterranean bunker

and wrinkle my nose at the mixed smells of

salt-peter (potassium nitrate), charcoal, and sulfur

with just a bit of brine on the breeze.

As everyone knows the 5th of July is always a great surf day.

The tourists are sun burnt beyond all recognition and usually vow to never ever return to the shore


or until next weekend

whichever comes first.

The locals

are usually still in jail

it takes time for the courts to process all the paperwork for the ones that have sobered up and can be released on their OR (own recognizance) 

the ones that aren't in jail

usually have new stitches

or a new tattoo 

it's kind of an either or situation

neither of which should be soaked in the local salt water for at least

a few days




new batch of combo swells

has not arrived.

I was planning on a bit of a briny dunk but alas,

I'll pass


the best ride on the south side Sol Cam

was the produce truck backing up

the entire length of the pier

between the tourists.

Pretty awesome when you think about it

I give it a 8.9

on the surf cam wave judging, sliding  scale.

So it's eggs for the dawn patrol


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