this is all just ones and zeros

in some computers somewhere but it looks like socal will get rain starting monday night, off and on tuesday and finishing wednesday. looks like maybe around an inch and more in the mountains some rain in the deserts. since this is our first rain of the season expect some flooding in the burn areas and there will be some nasty run off at the river mouths, as usual.

Looking at the forecast map modeling this next storm will be a "cut off" low, that is a swirling bit of energy that spins off another storm. There was a local socal weatherman, George Fischbeck, who would say "Cut off low, weatherman's woe". The woe being that you couldn't predict the storms movement with the tools available at the time. I'm not all that impressed with the tools we have now, as of late, so we'll see what we see.


Piskian said…
Interesting.We,ve had another wet warm and wild winter so far.Huge undercutting of sandbanks and dunes by the storms.Some decent surf at last,though!

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