Just like the weather but more so

In socal

I've said it all before
warm days
cool nights
swell (sometimes)

the tourist hordes
God love em
have returned
wence they came

off shore
groom random swells
and burn
your neighbor's house

speaking of the winds
I've seen a bumber crop
of tumbleweeds
this season
they used to be everywhere
but then suddenly
like the pelicans
all but
for a few seasons

The rainy season
(Christmas to March)
will be here soon enough
the next four months
seem to go by like they
are on roller skates

So now
I watch the garden change
wonder where my Ugg boots are
after the sun sets

I'll check out
some new books
at the library

We live interesting times

Just like the weather
but more so


pranaglider said…
Thank you very much. I would like to say I've spent the last two years refining my craft but alas the very same drivel ...
Piskian said…
Yes!The only semi-literate surfmatting blog out there is back!No pressure....geddit?
pranaglider said…
should be semi-inflated and occasionally literate ...
Semi inflation
Cruise over flat spots on waves
Weak at poetry
pranaglider said…
hne - excellent!
I've probably read most of the translations
and gave up
I try to go
for something
that makes sense
often I fail...

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