/*23 Breaths: Turkey and Giblet Feast Classic*/

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Turkey and Giblet Feast Classic

That was his favorite
Whenever he wouldn't eat
anything else
and the buffet would stretch on for miles
the little can of Turkey & Giblets
would turn his head
and he would munch away
in that noisy way
the tumor adding another layer
to the symphony that was
Fluffy eating

RIP Fluf


tuskedbeast said...

My friend- I'm so sorry.

Have loved what you've written about him over the years... droll, understanding and sweet. He was blessed with you too.


Dr. Lang said...

Very sorry about the loss of your companion.

PG said...

So sorry for your loss...


pranaglider said...

Thanks to everyone for their condolences.


why do cats need so much sleep said...

A house is not complete without at least one kitty they are little Zen masters!
why do cats need so much sleep

karmic voyager said...

RIP feline friend. Sorry you lost a furry buddy... We lost a family kitty this month too: 18 years old, little wild man, still chasing deer and pinecones until his final days. animals are the best. xo