405 Parkway

The 405 Freeway

is neither

well 405 maybe but certainly not a "freeway" and I will get to that in a moment...

Let's take it apart

"free" has nothing to do with the transportation system in any shape or form

and it certainly is not the "way"

so here at 23B we have voted to make some changes


(any day I get to use "henceforth" in a sentence is a good day)

the misnamed "405"

shall be known as

the 405 "place-where-hundreds-of-thousands-of-people-spend-hours-of-every-day-that-they-will-never-get-back" parkway


Anonymous said…
And in england it is known as the circular car park the M25 motorway round london, such fun in the rush hour. So glad i'm not using it everyday.old surfer.
Unknown said…
You might dig this...


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