That's a record

As I sit here this morning
enjoying record temperatures
and equally high humidity levels

a mere shadow of my former self
having lost over half of my blood
to the roving swarms of West Nile

The only thing that keeps me going
(well the only thing besides enormous
quantities of espresso)

Is that the Handplane Hoedown is this weekend!


tuskedbeast said…
NICE guitar, what kind is it?

Love a hollowbody with a P90 way more than strats... more built-in raunch, or raunchward-bound, or something.

Sorry your relatives are back. Devilish how they drop by just at the moment you're falling asleep.

pranaglider said…
It's a nice guitar too bad it's in my rather inept hands...but it does give me motivation to be worthy of such an instrument. The next post it for you tuskie!

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