new kmat test

The video below is of Ken testing out a new mat in "small and shitty surf"

Watch this a few times and take a look at how fast he is going.

Think about how fast he goes when he has some disent waves to ride.

Ken in this case is Ken McKnight of fame.

I believe this was captured by his usual partner in crime James who is mentioned in a nice blog entry at 70 percent.

Ken and James are who I think of as the Godfathers of the southern California mat scene.

There really aren't enough people to constitute a scene but you know what I mean.

I was actually able to get in the water this weekend.

I had a great time even though I had been sick for a while and I can still feel it.

Nice to see some south swell in the water!!

With the swell and the off shore winds I'm sure some fun was had.


Beach Bum said…
I had to stop by - your passion is stoke.
asmith said…
kmat? How is that different than the contrail?
23 Breaths said…
BB - True words

A - The kmat is a "marginal conditions" mat Dale Solomonson came up with. Here is a link to a post at where he goes over the different models
asmith said…
Thanks Prana!

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