/*23 Breaths: July 2008*/

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

A film by George Greenough

Head on down to Shelter on July 26th at 7pm for live music, refreshments and an outdoor screening of George Greenough’s Classic Film “Innermost Limits of Pure Fun”.

Our friends Ovideo will be performing their own live soundtrack to segments of the film while other segments will be worked out via the film with the original soundtrack by Dennis Dragon and The Farm .

This is hands down one of our favorite surf films of all time and features the likes of Chris Brook, Robert Conneely, Danny Hazard, Russell Hughes, George Greenough, Gary Keys, Terry Keys, Bob McTavish, Dickie Nelson, Ted Spencer, Davide Treloar, and Greg Weaver.

For those unfamiliar with the film, here’s a brief synopsys:

This release is essential watching because it is a cinematic masterwork of the highest magnitude. In it, George Greenough chronicles ground zero of the shortboard revolution as it evolved in 1968. This highly personalized film is the prime instigator’s perspective of the innovations that changed surfing forevermore as they came down. Track the inside out with George in groundbreaking point of view sequences that are utterly unique. Experience remote Australia and hidden California as ridden by Mac T, Ted Spencer, Baddy Treolar, Chris Brock, Gary Keys, Russell Hughes and a brigade of the underground’s best. Revel in the morphic hand hewn artwork of Patty Hennick. Hear the distinctive improvisational soundtrack which was scored on the spot by Dennis Dragon, (before the Surf Punks), his brothers Doug and Daryl, (the Captain before Tennille), and Denny Aaberg, (before Big Wednesday).

Check out Graham's Megatrough site for more details

Monday, July 21, 2008

yoga mat

As I am currently unemployed I have had the opportunity to surf more, a lot more!

I think I may have mentioned what a great surf vehicle the mat makes when you are checking the surf by bicycle.

A short wetsuit, fins, mat and towel fit nicely in the basket

If you have the time, the surf check by bike is a nice way to go.

Also since I don’t have quite as many commitments I can afford to let the tide come up or go out or simply pedal down the path a ways to see if some other sand bar is working better.

But that is not actually what I wanted to blog about today.

Since I am surfing more it is having more of an effect on me at the physically level.

When I was seventeen the above statement would have meant that I was more tired or was physically more fit.

Unfortunately, time passes and sand shifts...

Now it means that I have to keep up with my yoga practice to keep up with the mat.

I used the phrase “keep up” because I have skipped a day’s practice (or a month's !)in order to pursue other activities.

So the yoga practice is especially important to me now.

First the practice keeps my body in better physical condition.

Second, a post surf practice shows me where my body has been overly stretched and extended. If I find a spot or two that needs some mindful attention I find it during my practice.

This really keeps me on top of my day to day condition and lets me surf more than my advancing years might normally allow.

The combination of a mindful approach and more time in the water has been lots of fun and has even let me progress in my mat surfing.

Breath deep and enjoy the day!

PS Fewer pictures for a while as I am maintaining the blogs with a dial up connection.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bodysurfing Championships

Just a quick note

The 32nd Annual World Bodysurfing Championships will be run this year on August 23 & 24 2008 in Oceanside California.

Here is a link to the contest main site

While I am not a big fan of contests this might be a hoot to check out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hands free

I recently received an email from a mat rider who wanted to know if I ever swam outside the waves and then blew up my mat.

I have employed this method on a few occasions. The surf doesn't get that big around here so I was able to put enough air in the mat to be able to find it if I lost hold of it and just swam out that way.

The mat rider who wrote me was thinking of some sort of pouch attached to a wetsuit vest. That would provide a hands free approach and make the swim outside more efficient.

In our correspondence, I mentioned that I believe that Dale Solomonson had done some work in this area.

Anyone out there have some experiences they would like to share?