something different

Still working on developing a running habit

My first attempts were, in hindsight

too fast, too far and perhaps too furious

resulting in a sore achilles tendon that took a while to heal itself

but now I'm on an every other day (more or less) running schedule,

continuing my daily lunch time walks,

and yoga in the mornings.

The runs still aren't very long but they are pain free

It kind of reminds me of taking up the surf mat and getting used to swimming with fins.

Sore legs for quite a while

but then that passes

and you are left with

legs that do what you ask without complaint.

(Good legs! Have a cookie!)

I look at it like gardening

If I want tomatoes during the summer

(no I haven't planted any yet this year)
I have to plant and tend tomato plants in the spring

Weather update -

I have decided to quit complaining about the lack of a rainy Winter season and just enjoy a nice long Spring,  just as soon as I made that decision and enjoyed a fine day or two the forecast calls for a change in the weather and more "seasonal temperatures".


I'm on a 4 day cycle. 1 day circuit training, 1 day yoga, 1 day core work, one day box-fit.

Certainly improved my core strength and my stamina and flexibility in the surf.

No back pain either.


pranaglider said…
Stoked to hear your back is good. Come to think of it my back has been good lately too. Time for some heavy gardening!
Piskian said…
A running habit,eh?I'd focus on a small cowl,lightweight hempen cord,midlength and none of that scratchy brown cloth most monks prefer.

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