10 things to do before next Summer

I know that I tricked you last time with this "ohhh how cool! 10 count em ten things to do, before next summer!!!"

An then spent the whole post talking cancer

Well I'm sitting here bandaged up (again) from another visit to the dermatologist.

Mohs Surgery

Remember that appointment I told you to make with your dermatologist last fall?

Yeah well my appointment wasn't until almost Christmas so we won't quibble.

But you need to go!

I know you are saying, "Prana, dude I check!"

No. No you don't check, at least not very well and not with the skill of a good dermatologist.

Something I didn't even consider worthy of a second look was the trouble maker this time!

The good doctor saw it right off.

So go!

Make matching appointments with your significant other

I'm sorry to be sexist but the chicks dig it

Trust me on these things, I'm old

Make a family appointment and get lunch /dinner afterward and make an event out of it

Do it for me, I need all the readers I can get.

Besides this is serious and you aren't going to read this in the mags
(not even the good ones)

How many waves like this do you want to miss?

My surgery was minor and completely successful.

I do have a headache this morning that would kill a horse and when the bandages come off I'll have a small scar right at my hair line (which in my case is considerably farther north that it used to be)

* For my Southern Hemisphere readers.

I make comments like "summer and winter" based on what I see when I  look out the window. Just give it the old 180 degree spin and you will be right on target! 


karmic voyager said…
you are sooooo right. as a nurse, I endorse this message. good for you. and, i wish you a speedy return to the water!
old surfer said…
I sit here in england not reknown for its blistering sunshine and implore people to do as the man says if in doubt get it checked out! Why am i so pushy well I had a basal cell in the middle of my forehead that had been there for a few years (being bald helps to see these naughties)it started to grow in its diameter and after two ops I was left with a 30mm dia piece of forehead removed and the neatest scarline/stitches internal and external the maxillo fascial surgeon could do.Out of the water for 6 weeks sore on and off for a couple of months. Manuka honey medicinal strength bless you you kiwi bees helped accelerate the healing but oh what a headache afterwards for a few days and to this day still apply bio-oil twice a day and as those related ozzies say slip slop slap (shirt sunscreen hat) best wishes and a speedy recovery to you dont forget to do the check backs they advise either. Hopefully it won't diminish your wit and poetic posts!!
pranaglider said…
The ugh "discomfort" was something I was both prepared and totally unprepared for. The incision and section removed is in the dime or nickel size range the doc did a fantastic job with my sew up but even thinking about batting my eyes at Mrs. Glider is painful. who knew? Re: wit and poetry, I have set such a low bar here at 23B this shouldn't make much of a difference but I will be ever vigilant just in case I mistakenly stumble across anything of interest.

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