I'm 10 steps from Friday

I uttered those immortal words

as I was about to leave the office Thursday afternoon

Because that's how I see it

works over and all that's left is

the trip home


and some reading before bed

(I live a charmed life)

I'm excited to start the weekend this week

lots goin on.

There's swell in the water

I treat it as rumor until the second or third wave

I personally catch

The locally library is having their quarterly

buck a bag book sale.

woo hoo!

Then Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

there's the Super Bowl

which amazingly enough doesn't have anything to do with bowling

as you would think


there are great commercials


now with the net

I seen most of em

So I'm thinking a nice surf or stroll along the shore.

Who's in?


SO How many dogs can you fit on a surfboard?

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