Back to School

"So what are you taking this semester?"

My kids are old enough to plan their schedules for them so I find out these things in casual conversation around the warm after dinner glow of the camp fire or the TV depending.

I heard the list of classes and responded in a tone that I hoped wouldn't sound too excited, "Do you have the books yet?"

This one has blurbs from Rob Lowe and Jim Moriarty!

The coast here definitely changes with the swell and the tide so this one should be good.

If you want to see what things looked like before the settlers came your best bet is to look at the off shore islands that haven't been too developed yet. I'm so excited about this one that I may save it for last.

It's going to be a good semester!

I have a feeling that some of these books may not get sold back at the end of the year.


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