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Photos from the shoe box

Going thru some old photos the other day,
I ran across some you might enjoy.

From the processing stamp and the cool jagged edges on the photo, this looks like presents from Christmas 63. I got the wagon but my brother scored a new board! I can’t make out the maker (I hope it wasn't a popout) Jeans (with rolled cuffs) white tee shirts and Pendletons were the surf wear of the day.
Once he got a board he made a rickshaw to pull behind his bike. Lots of new construction in the area so wood and carpet scraps weren't a problem and there wasn't a baby carriage within miles that had all its wheels! (They might also have been the wheels "borrowed" off my new wagon)
the original "tow boards"
This was Spring of 1963. Tons of tract houses sprung up in HB during the early sixties. Bedroom communities for the growing OC aerospace economy. Mom and Dad bought this 3 bdrm 2 bath house new for 19,500. It’s still worth that today! But if you want to buy one now you had b…

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