Lost and Found

I was going thru some old things this morning

"Old things" for me, means the assorted flotsam and jetsam I have gathered in the last few years

(No I couldn't possibly throw that away! It's a prime example of 1978 plastic giveaway crap with a beach theme!! I this point my wife, (who is a saint by the way) has learned to just roll her eyes and plan for the day when she can rid the nest of all this junk.)

Amongst my precious treasures, a unmarked CD caught my eye and I ran to the computer to see what I had. (BTW actually marking CD's would take the fun out of it.  It would be like wrapping Christmas presents in clear paper.)

Today's find was a collection of downloaded photos from a few years ago.

I figured I owned you all after yesterdays Terrible Tuesday poetry jam.

Love the crystal clear water wave form shot! Not sure who the photographer is but it's got to be a pro.  Too much right with the shot.  Beautiful

Some where, some time, goin' off!  I had this as my desktop image for months, I had missed it and wanted a reminder of what I dope I was for not checking it.

My Mom and Dad used to bring me here to float in the water on my mat and look at the sea life with a mask and snorkel.  All my friends wanted to be a baseball player or a cowboy. I wanted to be marine biologist (with a mat). 

This was a small day but it held a good size swell.  I would have been a good mat wave  RIP Killer Dana.

If I close my eyes tight enough I might be able to transport myself  back to those days.  I still keep a red/blue in my trunk just in case they tear our the marina and I can go back and float there...

The Hawk was one stylish dude! I wish I had a picture of him in his gull wing Mercedes.

Dora was stylish too, lots of people stand on the nose, not so many stand on the nose like that.

Not that they look like this (actually this is really amazing) but few have Dora's Je ne sais quoi.

I'll end with another underwater shot. I can't get enough of this stuff.


pranaglider said…
surf report - small but fun session with RT. Is it even possible not to have fun on a mat?

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