I used to ride a raft

I knew it was coming

all the signs were there

plain as day.

Sitting outside beyond the break

(what am I doing there?)

we two travelers

unintentionally pushed into some communal space

requiring a polite attempt at conversation

The guy looks down at me

from atop his 9'6"

with four fins

and the after market turbo boost

it looks like he feeds it raw liver twice a day

Here it comes,

is it too late to paddle away?

"Yep, I used to ride a raft when I was a kid!"


ras said…
this one is great. the tension, the build and wham! the joke is on him though eh.
pranaglider said…

one day I hope to be a professional liar in this same vein.

(Don't tell the kids)

I'd go into government work but there's too much competition.
pranaglider said…
umm, in the comment above, instead of "professional liar" I meant to say "storyteller" and instead of "government work" I meant to say "reality television", (I always get those two confused)
Unknown said…
ha ha ha - love it
but my log only has one fin
keep it coming
Growling Gecko said…
My retort to this sort of comment is to say something like:
"Yes I used to ride stand up back in the 20th century!"
"A raft? Geez mate this is the 21st century get with it!"
"Catch me if you can on that Model T your're riding!"
"I'll let you have every 3rd wave if you like!"
Beetlejuice said…
Don't be hatin' on "Turbo Tunnels"
Quiver said…
I think before you purchase a mat you should pass a test. Something where your reaction is measured as strangers try to insult you. I can honestly say I really don't care what people say as long as I'm having my fun.
Unknown said…
I have been searching for the old school raft. Where can I buy one?

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