More GG UDT mods

A bigger shot of George Greenough's UDT mods.

Open in it's own tab or window for a better look.

The photo in courtesy of Warren Pfeiffer.

This comes to me and to us from Dale Solomonson who had this to say about fin mods.

Re: The Greenough mods shot by Warren Pfeiffer. I've attached a larger
image- nice to study.
Note important detail in photos: in addition to thinning and
shortening, George also CUPPED the underside of the blades. His goal
was an efficient "motoring speed"... what he'd need maybe 80% of the

Many mat surfers in the roughly 120 to 170 lb. range have come to
regard recent generation UDTs as high quality rubber swim fin "blanks"
to be re-shaped and fine-tuned... the blades, foot pockets and heel

Swim fins customized for an individual's mat surfing needs are not a
simplistic project to undertake. There have been many experiments on
a wide range of fins... I've even made my own from scratch.

Many people who can wear UDTs right out of the box, for hours of water
time without cramping... but they're usually very strong, heavier
(closer to 200+ lbs.), experienced swim fin users.

Besides comfort, it's also important to consider what such swim fins
might do to your feet, ankles, knees... I have floating bone fragments
in both ankles because of wearing fins that were too large and

If you are still game then you can contact the Doctor,  Greg Deets at parsimony (at) to get a pair.

(Note I've done that replace the @ with a (at) thing in the email address to help keep the spam down.)
One more thing,
Just when I thought my fins were perfect I noticed that winter water temperatures stiffened them up.  It's a process. Just remember you can always take off more but you can't add it back. So go slow and test a lot.   
So send in your trials and tribulations, questions and photos and as a group we will get it all sorted out. 


Unknown said…
please note that dr deets does not condone in any way shape or form what we do to his wonderful fins. do so at your own peril.

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