BagJuan's UDT Mods

ChileDub sent me this photo of BagJuan's UDT strap mod.

(Do all mat riders have aliases or is it a web thing?)

Just so you don't get fixed on modifying the blades of your fins as the only change you can make.
From the lab of Bagjuan; 
In preparation for episode five "Matagonia", of the Slither`n Trilogy.
Work began by ginning up the fins to accommodate seven mil. boots. Fin size jumped from Medium to Super! Blade profiles remained "full thrust." Stainless steel drum screws were set to anchor adjustable divers fin heel straps, allowing a wide range of comfort options. Diamondback traction strips were added to the bottoms of the foot wells, enhancing grippage needed on approaches beyond the Northern Gate.
(I had to translate text above from the original Elvish in which it was sent, but I think I captured the essence of it.)

So Mod On, Brothers and Sisters.
Go slow but make haste! 
The winter that, 
the summer never was, 
is fast approaching.
And everyone needs good fins.


pranaglider said…
I had a couple of more pictures but they are kind of huge and so I posted the best one. Looks like a nice adjustable heel strap.
Paul Gross said…
This mod looks great!

I would love to be able to buy a kit to make the heel strap modification on any pair of solid strap fins.

Are you listening, BJ?

Quiver said…
I've been mulling over an adjustable webbing strap mod, my primary limitation has been the attachment method, so I'll take a close look at what BagJuan has done here and hope for inspiration.

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