UDT Mods

Any of you fans of the lo-tech hi-joy blog (I am) know that nspye has decided to move up to the BIG FINS in the barrel the, the Voit UDTs.

The UDT is a lot of fin. Some prefer them as is, right out of the box. Some like to mow them down here and there, tuning them to their particular foot shape and flex.

Here are some pictures that I hope will give you the relative size of UDTs compared to Duckfeet. The Fin on the top is a Super Extra Large Voit  Duckfoot, the middle fin is an extra large and the bottom one is a large UDT. On my feet the fit is not the same, the UDT's have a wider foot pocket, but given that the XL Duckfeet are comparable to the large UDTs.

I need to mention here that I have already trimer almost an inch off the side ribs of the UDTs.

Big Big Fins!

And the thick ribs go all the way to the end.

I am definitely not trying to discourage anyone from getting a pair of UDTs.

I'm stoked I got mine and they are great fins.

If you can use them right out of the box they are the most powerful fin in the world.

If not, they make a great project.

They are the only long fins on the market that accommodate wide feet and with a little work you can make yourself some custom fins that work perfect!

Here are some places online you can get UDT's

Voit  - the manufacture

Amazon - they have everything

Sports Authority -  Misc sporting goods

Swaylocks has several threads about making mods on UDT

I may do a step by step mod post in the future so stay tuned


Quiver said…
Because I don't use swimfins often enough (sometimes months without them) I find the UDTs too powerfull. After letting them sit in the closet for more than a year I finally decided to try for some mods. I thinned out the ribs about half way from the toe towards the heel such that the ribs were 2/3 to 1/2 as thick as stock. AWESOME. I surfed for over an hour and had to fight current almost the entire time and the fins felt great the entire time. I'm glad I finally took the leap of faith because I now have a powerful, but not too powerful fin that allows early mat take-offs!
n s pye said…
Thanks Prana!

Great post! as always...my first port of call as soon as I wake up. cheers mate.
Dr. Robert said…
I'm a kook and recently bought some "Ally" fins to explore a paipo/mat fetish.
They seem pretty awesome to me but what do I know?
Your thoughts appreciated, and also..maybe explain the "trimming" concept of the fin templates and ribs a bit.
Thankin' ya in advance.
Your blog brings much joy.
pranaglider said…
Quiver - Custom is key, sounds like you have it dialed!

NS Pye - Glad you liked it, it was all a riff off your post, thank you, and you'll dig the UDT's.

Dr. Robert - If your fins are awesome to you, you don't need to look any further, you have found the holy grail. Any trimming makes the fin easier to flex but cuts down on the amount of forward push you get out of it. You try to match your slow and fast twitch muscle fiber to hard and soft fin flex. Ideally you want fins that fit well, are comfortable through out your session and provide enough propulsion to get you into the waves you want.
Anonymous said…
nice post, it is good to see the difference in the models, I was looking for the info on what the difference is and was getting a bit confused at first.

This article also helped me, voit duck feet fins

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