Canadian Mat Meet Eh!

This video of the North Lights mat meet comes in from Mattitude

Ken Dog and friends tearing it up in the Canadian Mist


mattitude said…
there will be a part two soon i have only edited 1/2 the footage.
this stuff has been on my hard drive for a while not sure th exact date it was held was around the time kmat was released
pranaglider said…
Surf Report - It's grey outside looking like it would like to sprinkle, there is a little south wind and today may be the big day this week with the surf at 1-2 feet.
SUP7G said…
Like your site and looking forward to getting my 4GF to augment my isup to drag around the world.

Just stumbled upon this pic:

Reminds of summers on the Jersey shore 70-71 on the blue and yellow mat.

Cheers from the Rhine - not as cold as CDN but less waves...

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