Sale at 4th Gear Flyers

I just wanted to throw in a note here about what I think is the only known surf shop that rents surf mats

2 Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas, CA seems to have mats along with wetsuits and fins for rent.

Their selection looks to be the current cutting edge goods too.  If you are in the area stop in a let us know how it goes.

Just in time for spring Paul is having a sale at 4th Gear Flyers!

Read about the details Surfmatters

A great time to get a first mat (get a fatty) or to add to your inflatable quiver.

I've got a Fatty and a Standard, along with my Neu's but a 5GF  would round out the rotation quite nicely.

If you are new to mats get one, put in the car with your fins and the perfect day will find you.



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