Come ride with Lance

I'm not entirely sure that stealing an hour of daylight from the dawn to give to the sunset is a good idea.

Actually it sounds like the plot of one of those sci fi novels with a guy in medieval armor on the cover. You know "Come ride with Lance as he does battle with his arch enemies the Golaxian Tribe in order to return the hour of daylight they stole from the dawn... will he be able to return the hour before his betrothed is sentenced to hang for the offense? Find out!"

Anyway it's dark outside

and I'm sitting here writing another 23B

Despite being under the weather last weekend

well there was really any weather to be under but you know what I mean

I manage to get to the library and get enough reading material to get me thru the week

and with some luck thru next weekend as well.

As you may know from previous posts I'm a big Gibson fan.

Good Sci Fi - no armor

And since you brought it up looks like a storm front moving in for the weekend.


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