It's Friday and it's wet

A couple of my favorite surf websites have new formats

Liquid Salt

There is always great stuff at liquid salt, take this randomly selected quote

"I had a brand new Scott Priess water housing and was floating on a Hodgeman raft. "

From talking story with Jeff Divine

If that doesn't make you want to surf over there and read the rest of the story, you're dead.

(can I have your fins?)


Matt Beard has reworked his site

Matt Beard Art

Which was very nice before and is now even nicer.

I bought a couple of pieces of his work at Sacred Craft last year and I admire them daily.

We are lucky that we have so many good artist those work reflect the beach and ocean scenes we love.

So surf over to Matt's new site pick a print, select a size and enjoy


I have been meaning to dive into TC Boyle's work for a while now but never could decide where to start.

A hot tip pointed me to this one.

It's my "safety book" in case I have read everything else in the book stash and I don't want to venture outside. (even as I write this I hear people yelling "get a nook!")

One last thing.

It's still dark out and it's already sprinkling.

Be careful driving this weekend


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