Paddling out in off shore conditions often puts the wily surfer in the middle of this temporarily downpour.

Number 32 in the list of things non surfers never get to experience.

The sudden and what can only be described as torrential rain fall that occurs just behind a wave that has had it top blown off.

The swell peaks today and falls off dramatically over the weekend.

My advise to you it to skip school, work and any other "must do" activities and go surf.

If anyone asks just tell them "Prana said to pull in"*

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I'm still suing.


PS "Prana said to pull in"

That's gotta go on the 23B tee.
pranaglider said…
Ha! I see it like this "Prana said to pull in" on the front over a shot of a G-MAT and "I'm still suing" on the back over a shot of SurfSista's latest X-Rays! We'll make a fortune

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