It's time to walk around the garden

Spring like weather has me working to get the garden going for this year
 There is just no arguing with the apricot tree about the season
 buds like this make me get out in the garden and prepare the soil
 I bought a few of the Sun Gold tomatoes that I like so much.
 The persimmon is sprouting out too
 after a couple of good years we got no fruit off the tree last year
 The Fall persimmon foliage is still worth it though
 The collard greens are starting to go to flower
 the curly mustard greens are still looking good (I love them in chicken noodle soup)
This rather blurry photo is swiss chard maybe my favorite of the greens.

We worked two bags of horse manure into the garden over the weekend.

I generally prefer chicken manure but this being an election year, well lets just say you have to work with what you have the most of.


Beautiful and inspiring, Prana, Mahalo!
Aloha, the Pendos
Piskian said…
Have you tried hanging the ripe persimmons on strings til they go dry?Kana's Gran does it in Japan and they taste lush(hoshigaki).
Planting potatoes and radish here...

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