Spreading the Stoke

I may have mentioned that
print is dead
and that er and ing would be
along with all the rest

if they didn't make the jump to
some pay to view
iPad format

But it seems
that like all good
capitalist, marketing, entrepreneurs
that they
(and here I must say quite wisely)
are going to ride the swell of the internets
just a bit longer

print is dead
that won't change
you'll be able to tell
the grand kids
about a kid on a bike
delivering a newspaper

So what has happened
is that the blog-o-sphere
has lifted up the industry
along with
a slew of commerish sites
"spread the stoke"
which is
the point

(queue the Beach Boys)

One nice thing
is that
(with some exceptions, of course)
most blogs
aren't plugging
the top 45
or the APS
(whatever the pro's are called this week)

the non 6'2"
"alternative craft"
world is getting more attention
than it would

Glass Spoons
Hand Planes
hells bells
Surf Mats
are getting some ink
(well not ink,
that's not going to move any product,
so that would be crazy)

Surf mats
(along with the rest of the
"alternative craft")
are just ridiculously fun
and there just isn't enough profit in that
to justify

But blogs are
by their nature
very personal
so you don't see that many
shouting the virtues
(with this weeks contest graphic)
thong shoes

Not to say those
good things
I'm wearing
two thirds
of that
right now

But then
so is
half of

Surfer or no

So, if you write a
surf blog
and possibly
more important
if you
a surf blog

Let me say
Thank You
Welcome to the Future


pranaglider said…
too cranky?
I haven't had a decent rant in ages!
Love the post, poetic, too.
We saw TMat get some fine waves this AM.
Keep smil'n
Surfsister said…
I love this post too. Blogs are the future. And I think their personal nature makes them more engaging for the readers.
Unknown said…
Bless me Prana for I have sinned. i rode my log and my quad at Noosa last week but not my matt. Blame the muddy brine, blame 10 days without Net, blame the cyclone swell - actually I forgot. I did see a great tee "hug your shaper" Keep on posting.
pranaglider said…
Briney, Nothin' wrong with riding the log or the quad. They are absolute necessities in a well rounded quiver!
I would just like "the Bible of the Sport" and the rest would cover a little more than sponsored pros and their contest equipment. People get the impression that that's all there is to Surfing. Ok done with ranting.

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