Wohoo Wednesday

our intrepid explorer thinks back to last summer
and the fun that was had while waiting for the inside to shape up

Photo courtesy of Daily Bread

“like a Willys' in four wheel drive”

My assigned vehicle for exploring 3 dimensional space

Runs great!


pranaglider said…
a couple of brief points.
first even though the jeep doesn't have a GD sticker I think the paint and the rock behind the wheel for a parking break says it all!
second, one of today's visitors, from the Ukraine, wasn't in fact lost but stayed to look around! (that's why it's woohoo wednesday)
Love the mat riding and jeep photos, and Whoo-hooo!
Aloha, Cher and Steve
pranaglider said…
wohoo? there are times when either I should learn to spell or quit doing these things at 5am.

Steve and Cher, glad you liked the matting and jeeping!

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