Guest 23B Blogger

It’s Spring
It’s Summer
It’s Spummer or whatever you would like to call it…
Hot one day but cold the next

You know what that means…
June Gloom
and the semi annual
Guest 23 Breaths Blogger
contest giveaway

The winner(s) will receive a full no expenses paid opportunity
To write a 23B blog post!
Let THAT sink in

The rules
No politics – That is what FaceBook is for…
No profanity   - Not entirely true but I do ask they are spelled correctly and are appropriate.
Subject - It would be nice if your post has something to do with riding surf mats but hey no reason to limit ourselves. Space time anomalies, UFOs, Global conspiracy theories, the usual internet fare are all on the table.
So that’s it
Send emails to cowan_bruce at


pranaglider said…
C'mon give it a shot...

If it was that hard I couldn't do it...
pranaglider said…
Final warning
If no one comes up with anything
I'll start writing poetry again
and NO ONE wants that....
Anonymous said…
I thought for a second
I had caught your eye there in
the mirror all twinkle blue
and darting around
watching me watch the surf
stare at my mat
until I looked in at you
looking back at me
you blinked and I was gone
pranaglider said…
That is excellent!
Thank you for sharing it.
Anonymous said…
When is the winner announced?
pranaglider said…
I'm still in shock there's an entrant...
but I would say you have a huge lead
Anonymous said…
It’s fun to watch her work. From the Mountains to the Sea, she strides comfortably into any arena, goofy sun glasses, martini (sic) in hand, cool chick chic’ aura, high heels clicking, and she sits her tiny frame on the sand with her mat, or maybe in a field, or smack in the middle of a mustard grass meadow in the foothills. Taking it all in she has the amazing ability to open her mind to her subconscious and put it out there for all of us to enjoy. With a brush and palette fins and a mat, her artwork strips bare the every aspect of our society that is stupid, time-consuming or morally out of whack. She doesn’t pass judgment on our deeds; she hands them to us and everyone else, like so many tickets to a concert and watches our amazed reaction from the front row as we make merry idiots of ourselves. Yippee! Enjoy the show even if it is a wake up call for your sense of mental vulnerability.
pranaglider said…
This is just crazy.
Not one but two anonymous entries
Good ones too!
my mind is blown
Anonymous said…
Mat Clowns are around
We just do not care anymore
So jump in and mat
pranaglider said…
and now Haiku
some days are more interesting than others
G said…
Measure, mark, snip and chop.
Brand and weld, goo and stipple.
Surfmat in the mail.
G said…
Just clocked someone had put in a haiku right before me. πŸ˜‚

Cat said…
The mat had no air
is not that how we ride it
blow me up now
Cat said…
That should read -

"The mat had no air
is not that how we ride it
Do blow me up now."

Sorry very early here and the soft sounds I am hearing of the mats
breathing has taken my breath away.
Anonymous said…
When is the competition over?
pranaglider said…
I used the term "competition" tongue-in-cheek".
Feel free to submit!
G said…
Measure, mark, snip, chop.
Brand and weld, goo and stipple.
Surfmat in the mail.
Anonymous said…
a deceptively
sophisticated surfing
magical carpet

like bodysurfing
on an inflated dog bed
with jet propulsion

Anonymous said…
don't worry it's soft
inflateables over the falls
mat clowns dropping in

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