The Board Room

The Southern California show is next weekend.

All the information here

This year honoring Mark Richards

Enough boards, fins and surf stuff to make you head explode!

Then there is the Surfaid art auction which is really awesome in it's own special way.

While my usual surf craft involves heavy breathing on my part and some sort of swim fins I have never given up my love of all things surfboard. 

The great thing about the show is that the entire lineage of (stand up) surfing is represented from wood boards that were last surfed at Waikiki in the 1920's to the very latest cutting edge surf technologies. 

Some time spent thinking about the progression of boards and materials and the subsequent changes in performance can give you not only a sense of our surfing heritage but a very real grounding for your own surfing.

Your intentions and objectives will always dictate your choice in surf craft.

"Horses for courses" , "The right tool for the job" or "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"

Whatever your intentions may be if you love surf boards don't miss the show!


Piskian said…
Definitely don't bring a knife to a Matmeet.
Henry Hester said…
Scott Bass was ripping an Ekstrom Asym, set up for a goofyfooter today (he's regular). He had five different fins, the curved side on his fontside rail. Snapping bottom turns with ease... He asked me f I was going to the Boardroom show, a mere10 miles away... "Duh"

In other news, I had my bestes, fastest mat day ever! Learned the deflation style, folded on one steep takeoff but all in all, a ripping day! Kendog called from Sac, selling food for two weeks and promising an in-water schooling/photo session this fall!

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