First things first

Dale has completed his medical procedure and was resting in his room and talking from reports I received yesterday.

We all wish him a complete and speedy recovery.

I thought it might be a good moment to ponder not our own mortality, because I know how that will turn out but sometimes NOW is a good time to consider your healthcare and general state-of-health.

If you are one of the lucky ones in this country that have healthcare your deductible has probably been met so it's a good time to make an appointment to get a check up.

I remember being in a doctors office once and he was going on about how many lives he saved, not by the medicine he practiced as he was a specialist in a field not necessarily life threatening but because as part of his screening process he took the 90 seconds to take the patients blood pressure and refer then to a cardiologist if their pressure was high.

If you surfed when "long boards" were just surf boards then it might be time to schedule a full physical.

Think of all the things you don't want to miss.

PS If you think a "long board" is a 6'4" and spend your time at the beach doing "sick" airs ask your mom to schedule a dermatologist appointment for a quick screening.



I thought it too, but you said it first. Still, Ha!

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