Dude that's so sick!

I can't really say that I get that usage.
But the language is a living thing
maybe more like a process
for better communication
and people add to it as needed.

But I still don't get it.

The elixir in situ

Soon I'll be adding these beauties to the anti-viral arsenal

No persimmons on our tree this year but the colors on the leaves are spectacular 

Mustard greens (above) and Swiss Chard (below) don't seem to mind the cold temperatures we have had lately
Not a huge winter garden but enough
To see a really well done garden setup check out Ramsnakes raised beds!

This pumpkin vine volunteered at the wrong time of the year

Salvia Clevelandii or as I call it "the one by the garage"
Who doesn't love a salvia?
 California natives sages do their best this time of year.


Mateo said…
Beautiful! What kind of oranges/persimmons are those? My little sanguineli blood orange is overloaded...

Made persimmon-spiced rum bread last year , was the "bomb-diggity" ... Neighbors tree is empty this year too!
Mateo said…
Also do you have pinnaple-sage? if not il trade you cuttings in spring...

and that green pumpkin might be edible as a "summer squash"..like zuccini?
Beetlejuice said…
I ordered Clevlandia On-line,love 'em,plus you can burn those pods for a great smell.
b said…
Looks good. Just planted some chard in pots. When I've grown it before, I couldn't eat enough to keep up with it, and it grew all winter long. Awesome plant.

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