World Speed Surfing Record

This just in from Mark Thompson

Coming in 2011
Hi Bruce
I have 5 new and improved MT5 ultra mats with 10 micron bottoms ready to roll
My record to date is 48.3 and I burst the last white bottom ultra I had at possibly 3 Gs during a psycho speed burn so I’ve been back to the drawing board working out how to keep them together. I am at the physical limit of human engineering, physics, and construction but I am confident the new ones will be sick and I can bust the 50 kmph barrier.
More Info Soon

Krypt International is pleased to present

The Inaugural World Surfing Speed Record Attempt

Mark Thomson engaging the Warp Drive during Speed Trials

Coming Soon

Mats are fast, no doubt about that, I spend a lot of time trying to keep the mat from out running the wave in the shore break I frequently ride. How fast mats would go when pushed to the edge of  materials etc. I'm not sure but plenty fast.  Personally, I'm not sure I would even want to be around when the materials start to smoke and disintegrate.

But if just how fast, floats your boat, so to speak you might enjoy this

Personally I'm still waiting for the rain to stop and the conditions to clean up.
Happy New Year


Anonymous said…
"Surfer & wave speed (measurement and technical considerations)":
Anonymous said…
"limits of human engineering"?

Exploring the limits of egotistical bullcrap more like.
Piskian said…
Yeah.what a teat.He might try exploring the quality and performance of the mats he has already conned us into buying...
Bagjuan said…
Mr. Speed Racer mat action figure guy, we salute you... Got a waterfall for you to try!

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