a skipping stone

Finally got in the water on Saturday after a long break.

Standard issue high tide Huntington.

A little flop over outside which soon flattens out altogether
 with the occasional inside reform when the stars align.

After a couple of decent ones it occurs to me that to optimize the situation  I would need to start out with a larger more buoyant vehicle for the take off and to deal with the outside mush
and greatly reduced volume on the inside if a racetrack section presents itself.

 Wait for it...

 (well that and it makes the walk a mile down the beach from the parking lot much easier)

 So the paddle out and take off are at the normal end of the mat-for-a-mushy-day spectrum.
Somewhere mid wave,  after the cut back,  if the wave looks like it might make a good inside reform

 a quick grab and tug

 and a litter of air is decanted

 making the mat a perfect little shore break projectile
 sort of like
a skipping stone


Growling Gecko said…
Prana, you know we all love you, but a skipping stone? Not so sure about that analogy!
But just delighted that you were feeling so good after finally getting a session that your imagination was allowed to run riot!
Growling Gecko said…
Ok ok I have been thinking about that a little more and I guess connecting up little reforms in the shore break might be what you are referring too?
pranaglider said…
Ramsnake, I'm so glad you are along for the ride! Yes the skipping, skimming aspect was what I was after. Perhaps a bit presumptuous to say "I", as a merely go where the muse takes me. Now on to the riot! ;)

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