"It's a bad sign when any SoCal surf trip starts with an ice scrapper"

Conditions are still a bit nippy here but the rain has stopped and perhaps, there is a slight chance, of surf in the future. (I'm trying not to jinx's it)

Totally skunked over the holiday weekend BTW. Between a lack of swell, high tide, rain, and pollution there just wasn't a wave to be had.

So flat I had to surf the internet, but

I discovered a new Paipo / Mat blog   MrMikes Paipos

Mr Mike makes his own craft and surfs mats for good measure.

Thats a quiver shot from his blog up above.

Great stuff, check it out!


butterbricklebootyram said…
I know this is off point but is it possible to add my blog to the 23b list?

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