It's Oil Tanker Friday!

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's "Which one would you choose" post.

If you merely played along with the home game that's OK too.

I'll do some more of those later.

Some waves,

Some boards

maybe even some,

given these two bums,

which one would you give a quarter to?

(You know I'm slipping my picture in on that one!)

In other news,

The Surfing Heritage Foundation is having an opening reception tonight at their museum and gift store in South Coast Plaza! Check the link for the full skinny.

Tonights show, entitled "Surf and Sculls"  features the work of Shawn Griggs

Before we get too far with this the photo above and below is comedian Bill Bailey

Although the resemblance is uncanny!

He one of the stars of my new favorite comedy "Blacks Books".
It's a British show and it absolutely brilliant!

No word, as yet, as to Mr. Bailey's mat inflation preference.


jason hall said…
that wave has pooltoy written all over it!
Ramsnake said…
Black Books? Outrageously funny! Well discovered.

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