Happy Summer Solstice!

Just back inside the house after dancing naked around the backyard
welcoming the sun!

Forgive the quick post but now I'm of to check the surf 

The sunflowers are starting to open!

The local papers promise 64-67 degree water temps
But they are know to lie like a rug and given the pre-dawn breeze I think the full rubber may still be in order

Either way
Enjoy the Day
Happy Summer Solstice!


pranaglider said…
I wonder if the Beatles ever did a song called "Here comes the cold, dreary South wind"?
If they did I could have used it today.
Maybe it will burn off later.
PG said…
The whole "neo-pagan-mat-surfer" movement is gaining traction the world over!

Next year at this time, we're all headed to Stonehenge for the 100 year anniversary of the first inflatable replica of the "Sacred Golden Calf." It was created by one Hodgeman Tufnel III...the Great Uncle of guitarist Nigel Tufnel.

Heady stuff...be there!

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