Another dreary day

I sit staring out the window watching the clouds and drizzle
Painting by Jason E. McPhillips
This local weather pattern is so common it has a name

June Gloom

Low clouds that can hang around the beach all day

South winds that blow all night and thru the morning hours

occasionally working themselves into huff that clears the clouds by mid afternoon

Nothing for me to do but make another pot of Yerba Mate
wait for the sun to come out

and dream about summer
"Remembering How" by Peter Max


pranaglider said…
Hold on, I just got an email that says "The magic season is here..." and to "get into the swing of summer". The nice folks at may be on to something.
Ramsnake said…
Yep, we get exactly that depressing weather pattern down here on the south coast of West Oz. A raging south easterly all day and night and grey skies.
The pits to be honest and not much surf time as a result except the occasional windy or SUP paddle up the river just to try and keep a little in trim for when it turns on again.

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