Summertime and the living is easy

(note to self put a video of someone doing summertime, everyone has done it)

This one is excellent

and so is this one

but we have discussed this all before
you and I

The Summertime wardrobe  
when I was a kid
consisted of the following 7 items

which had to be clean
you might get in an accident
I don't understand the connection
I didn't understand the connection

a bathing suit or trunks if you prefer
my mom made our trunks on her sewing machine
cotton, reversible and with a drawstring waist
the cotton rotted in the sunlight and saltwater
they lasted a season of 24/7 use

Nancy Katin (a very nice person btw)
changed all that
with an industrial sewing machine 
and nylon 

a tee shirt
they came in other colors
but no one ever wore them
no design / graphic / endorsements

maybe a pair of cords

flip flops
19 cents at Savon
lasted between 2 weeks and a month
then they broke
and you were barefoot

night time or early morning use
surfers would get the hooded model

a sunburn
a bright pink
pre cancerous glow
for the months of
June, July, August and the beginning of September 
not exactly wardrobe perhaps
but you wore it
it kept you warm
so I'm including it

good times


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